We Regularly Clean Restaurants in NYC

restaurant cleaning in Midtown Manhattan, professional kitchen cleaning nyc, vent hood cleaningThe cleanliness of a restaurant is important to customers. The health conditions of your restaurant are key to your restaurant’s success, because of the restaurant grade, which has become vital for positive customer reviews. Potential customers decide upon the place to dine often on the atmosphere and cleanliness of your establishment. Many restaurants use their own employees to clean their restaurants, but often times the restaurant staff is multi-tasking and doesn’t have time to concentrate on deep cleaning.  Restaurant and commercial kitchen cleaning in NYC requires proper training and time in order to do a good job.  Our experienced cleaning employees are trained specifically to clean restaurants in accordance with New York City health code standards.

Instead of burdening your employees, a better option would be to higher professionals whose main focus and priorities are to clean your restaurant facility, from food prep areas to bathrooms to dining areas.

a cleaned commercial kitchen in a restaurant in nycSanMar’s commercial cleaning expertise lies in knowing the health code standards that need to be met and the importance of having an impeccably clean restaurant to obtain a high “A” grade.

Spot cleaning is never enough. A rigorous, in-depth cleaning job is often necessary on a monthly or weekly basis.  Deep cleaning kitchens can be very time-consuming.  Our cleaners are trained to clean every corner and crevice, and to make sure that all food preparation areas have been properly sanitized. Rigorous deep cleaning jobs are our specialty. We can provide daily, weekly or monthly cleaning for your kitchen and restaurant facility anywhere in New York City. We’ll make sure to consistently do a deep clean of your restaurant, so you can avoid receiving a bad grade on a surprise health inspection by New York City Health Inspectors.

With regularly scheduled cleanings we can make sure that you won’t lose customers or get a temporary shutdown of your business due to areas of poor cleanliness. SanMar’s highly experienced cleaning team are professionally trained to use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, safe and bio-degradable solutions execute proper cleaning techniques on floors and surfaces, as well as assuring that your bathroom is given a comprehensive clean.

Get SanMar’s team to handle cleaning your restaurant, kitchen, dining rooms, bathrooms and all other areas of your business so that you can focus on satisfying your patrons with the best meals, drinks and service.

Manhattan Restaurant Cleaning Services

a clean restaurant kitchen in nycOur clients’ satisfaction is a priority. We want to make sure that your expectations are exceeded after we’ve performed our services. Our cleaning services can be performed flexibly around your schedule, to avoid interfering with your business during your opening hours. Whether the best times to clean your restaurant is overnight, early morning or on Sundays, SanMar can meet your scheduling needs. Our commercial restaurant cleaning services will be performed to meet all of the New York City health codes, as well as satisfying guidelines by FDNY and any other business insurance concerns. Our cleaning prices are extremely competitive and our services deliver a five-star, high quality performance every time. Contact us for a free quote so that you can learn about the best options for your business.

New York City Food Processing Cleaning Services

For food processing facilities, we adhere to the stringent guidelines for New York State hygienic standards that apply to any commercial bakery, cannery, fish processing facility, industrial rendering, slaughterhouse, meat packaging plant or other food processing facility. We are trained and experienced in the various regulatory industrial and government standards that need to be met by OSHA, FDA, USDA and New York City and state can be overwhelming, which is why trusting cleaning professionals that understand these standards is advantageous for your business.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

One of the crucial parts of any restaurant facility that require extensive and regular cleaning is the hood and exhaust system. Over time, the buildup of exhaust grease can become a fire hazard which can be very costly.  There are many benefits to maintaining a clean exhaust system in your kitchen, it allows for a more efficient process of removing bad odors from your kitchen, as well as maintaining a cooler and more comfortable temperature for your kitchen staff. Our kitchen hood deep cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of the kitchen hoods
  • Removal of grease throughout hood and exhaust systems
  • Removing, cleaning and inspecting exhaust fans for loose or worn belts
  • Reviewing of secure electrical connections on exhaust fan
  • Cleaning of exhaust fans and checking of exhaust fan blades for excessive wear
  • Removal and/or replacement of filters
  • Cleaning of all accessible areas of restaurant exhaust duct work
  • Installation of exhaust system access doors, if necessary