Cleaning Medical Facilities & Doctor Offices in NYC

an employee cleaning a hospitalMedical facilities and doctor’s offices provide a haven for viral, bacterial or fungal infections that can be spread patient-to-patient if your facility does not maintain an utmost sterile environment. SanMar’s main focus when partnering with healthcare facilities is to prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) throughout the five boroughs of New York.

SanMar’s cleaning process for medical facilities is developed through guidelines, standards, and recommendations by AORN (Association of pre-Operative Registered Nurses) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control). We also maintain updated research and innovation to our techniques to assure that they provide aseptic cleaning to medical facilities.

an employee cleaning a hospital bedSanMar professionals have knowledge about aseptic cleaning, which are an essential part of our training. We educate our cleaners about the scientific concepts of basic microbiology and the chemistry of cleaning solutions, as well as a high-level lesson on NYC cleaning regulations of medical facilities. We assure that SanMar cleaners come with the proper knowledge of how to perfect cleaning and sanitizing procedures that meet local guidelines and reduce the spread of HAI.

SanMar’s highest priority in working with their medical facility clients is to target all the critical control points that pose a risk of HAI transmission and to provide an aseptic cleaning protocol to assure that the risks are eliminated.

How Important is it to Clean Medical Environments?

a cleaning professional washing the walls of a medical facilityHAIs are often preventable and affect close to 1.7 million people annually, with 5.8% of cases resulting in death. [1]SanMar’s carefully developed cleaning protocols are implemented to assure that the proper controls are in place to maintain a clean, hygienic environment safe for your staff, patients, and visitors.

Our procedures minimize the spread of HAIs by efficiently and effectively sanitizing the particular surfaces and equipment that are affected. Our procedures involve removal of biological contamination from the environment and equipment surfaces through the facility to prevent transmission of HAIs to your patient, faculty or visitors.

How We Clean Healthcare Facilities

hosiptal-cleaning-nyc-14Special attention is required for all the minute details of cleaning a medical facility. SanMar’s aseptic cleaning techniques go above and beyond in precautionary steps to prioritize the thorough sanitation and cleaning of your facility. We do this by providing the proper training and education of how to identify critical and non-critical areas that require cleaning and the various protocols to administer to these areas. The well-being of our team is also a priority for us and we equip them with the proper protective equipment, such as masks, gowns, and gloves, when handling areas that may have had exposure to HAIs.

For all critical areas that have a high exposure rate to contamination, we use cleaning and disinfectant products that are hospital-grade and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

hosiptal-cleaning-nyc-10Our aseptic medical facility cleaning protocols work to minimize the level of HAIs, as well as other bacteria and germs that may be present. We also pay close attention to equipment; sanitize keyboards, phones, tables, door handles, remote controls, switches, and other office equipment. With patient rooms, we also diligently clean all aspects of furniture that has been used by a patient or staff, the bed, mattress, headboard, rails, and side tables.

Medical cleaning must always give particular and rigorous attention to all possible surfaces that might pose a risk of exposure to germs.

Enhanced Cleaning Methods

hosiptal-cleaning-nyc-15Our aseptic cleaning procedures are efficient and effective in servicing our clients’ medical facilities. Our cleaning equipment is advanced and state-of-the-art, along with our cleaning products which use the safest and top-of-the-line chemistry available. We also take the time to minimize errors when executing our cleaning procedures by reinforcing the following procedures:

  • Stringent color-coding of our cleaning equipment and products to prevent cross-contamination
  • Cleaning clothes and mopping equipment are composed of microfiber technology to maximize the containment and removal of dirt and bacteria
  • No-drip methods with our flat-mopping technology to efficiently and effectively remove soil and prevent cross-contamination
  • Hospital-grade and EPA-approved cleaning products that use the latest and safest technology in chemistry to maximize the sanitization of our cleaning procedures
  • HEPA vacuums that have multi-filtration and high-efficiency technology to assure the filtration of bacteria, dust, and germs as small as .3 microns
  • Innovative and cutting-edge “no touch” system to remove and contain bacteria, germs, and dirt that greatly surpasses minimum food contact surface standards

Fully-Trained Cleaning Professionals that Know How to Clean

SanMar’s cleaners consistently provide stellar cleaning service for our clients. SanMar’s team is hardworking and experienced, a training that combines in-depth education and study about the science of cleaning, as well as hands-on and guided experience within a medical environment. This comprehensive training assures that the aseptic cleaning techniques applied to your facility will create a safe and welcoming facility with minimal risk for HAIs. The following concerns are handled during our cleaning process:

  • Air-borne Pathogen Cleaning
  • Air Disinfectant
  • Blood-borne Pathogen Cleaning
  • Safety and Security
  • Universally and Federally Compliant Precautions
  • Protective Equipment For Our Staff
  • Aseptic Cleaning
  • Basic Microbiological Disinfectants
  • Terminal Cleaning and Outbreak Containment


[1]“Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.): 1. Web. <>.