Cleaning Fitness Facilities in New York City

a gym and fitness center cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning company in NYC

Hundreds of customers in any busy fitness center can use an establishment’s gym equipment on a daily basis. These settings are a flourishing home for bacteria and germs that your customers should avoid. SanMar has a cleaning program that specifically tailors its cleaning methods for high-traffic businesses like gym and fitness facilities. Our professional cleaning employees will work hard to make sure to clean and sanitize your gym equipment and facility with meticulous care.

Gyms and fitness centers want their customers to maintain a healthier lifestyle, by offering facilities such as saunas, showers and locker rooms. These places tend to be humid and wet environments can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to grow and spread.

yoga mats in a fitness center in NYC that is regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning companyYour gym customers don’t need to challenge their immune systems when they are trying to get in shape, it is better to hire a professional cleaning company to regularly clean your facilities so that they are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned.

We thoroughly clean exercise mats, cardio machines and weight benches and make sure that the cleanliness of your equipment doesn’t get neglected. We’ll clean the free weights, dumbbells, balls and other equipment that your customers use daily. We know the places that might harbor bacteria and germs, such as drinking fountains, door handles, chairs and magazines that are often frequented by your customers. Even the average computer keyboards can host up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. a yoga class in NYC

We’ll clean what your customers come in contact with on a day-to-day basis, prioritizing the cleanliness of your business from top to bottom.  We clean types of fitness and health wellness facilities, including gyms, health clubs, spas and more, SanMar customizes an all-encompassing and unique cleaning service to extensively sanitize your unique facility.

Allow SanMar to transform your facility into a welcoming, safe and a sanitary haven for a healthy lifestyle that will impress your customers.

How Gyms and Fitness Facilities Are Cleaned

SanMar focuses on sterilizing areas where surfaces can accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria, from the locker room to the restrooms. Part of our regular gym and fitness cleaning protocol also sanitizes cardio equipment, exercise mats, and various weightlifting and free weight equipment.

a professional cleaning employee cleaning cardio equipment in a gym in NYCWe pay special attention to maintaining equipment that may get overlooked when employees routinely clean your fitness facility. These often overlooked surfaces include the cleaning of handrails, computer equipment, drinking fountains and more. Once we finish cleaning your equipment, we aren’t done until we clean our own equipment to prevent cross-contamination from cleaning different areas.

SanMar welcomes you to speak with us about customizing a cleaning schedule that is the best fit for your needs and budget. We’ll discuss and analyze various trouble areas that would receive special attention to make sure that the service we perform on your facility exceeds your expectations. Your top priorities of what is important for your business become our top priorities.

  • Removes 99.97% of allergens, bacteria, and dust (as small as .3 microns) from your surroundings
  • Avoids the spreading of bacteria and germs to different areas of your business
  • Performs our services using the most efficient and effective equipment and procedures available

Our SanMar employees are trained and certified to work hard and clean thoroughly.  We would like to build a close relationship with our clients and to understand your needs and requirements to make sure we are giving the right attention to making your facility as clean, presentable and pleasant as possible. Contact us today for a free cleaning quote.